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Diagnostic Help System


Supplied on diagnostic tool

MaxiSys MS908 from Autel

360o MaxiSys Premium

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Diagnostic help system TeamXtremeTech

Provided on a diagnostic Tool

MaxiSys MS 908 by Autel


Premium Package :
TeamXtremeTech provides mechanical and IT support with the MS908 tool when you purchase the PREMIUM system only offered by TEAMXTREMETECH.
• Full support of workshop system.
• The initial installation of the Autel MaxiSys MS908 (Setup) done remotely by a TeamXtremeTech technician .***
Autel warranty support (diagnostic support done remote by a TeamXtremeTech technician).
• Tool replaced within 5 working days under warranty. 
• Two hour training on the use of the tool.
• Access to over 600 workshop through the TeamXtremeTech forum. 
Access to mechanical help with a certified mechanical technician, even through the TeamXtremeTech forum to answer general questions within 20 minutes.
• Mechanical support available on demand with the MS908 tool. **
TeamXtremeTech can give you access to Pin Codes (anti-theft) for key replacement of various manufacturers. **
• IT support available for most of your requirements at the workshop (remotely). **
• 10 TeamXtremeTech keys (credits).
• The mechanical/IT support is available during regular operating hours from 8:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm to 5:00pm Monday to Friday EST.  *
Equipement :
TeamXtremeTech has selected the MS908 MaxiSys by Autel for it's extreme ease of use, and powerful diagnostic performance offered on the market today.
• Manufacturers updates is included with the purchase of the tool for the first year of operations.
• Android Platform, Bluetooth Interface communication , See details on the MS908 MaxiSys tool at the bottom of this document.
TeamXtremeTech offers a complete support on all North-Americans, Asian and Europeans, from 1996 to most recent with this tool.
Cost of Use:
• Works on a principle of prepaid credits (TeamXtremeTech key).
• A minimum of 2 credits (TeamXtremeTech key) per month is required to keep the system operational. 
• To enjoy the benefits and take advantage of the mechanical/IT support on the Premium package, Autels annual renewal fees must be paid and the tool must be up to date.
• Access key prices and annual updates are subject to changes in costs, imposed by for access to the software, and the fluctuation on the U.S. dollar also comes into account.
• The mechanical and IT support is calculated at the cost of (1) TeamXtremeTech key per 10 minutes increments, minimum of 20 minutes, 2 TeamXtremeTech keys. (see terms and conditions)
*** MS908 tool installation at the workshop
1.   Full customer support with vendor. Workshop information;
2.   Email address and TeamXtremeTech account created for the customer;
3.   Account created on the website;
4.   Tool registration on the website;
5.   Help with the WI-FI configuration on the tool for the client.
6.   Team Viewer software installation and registration in the TeamXtremeTech data base;
7.   Setup and security modification of the tool;
8.   Initial tool configuration and android platform update;
9.   Diagnostic software update configuration on the tool;
10. Customer email configuration on the MS908 MaxiSys for support;
11. Tool web browser configuration;
12. Configure the home page to and fill out auto-fill section;
13. Complete the information section in the tool's navigator;
14. Configure the shop information in the Shop manger section;
15. Update the VCI interface with the client;
16. Update the manufactures software.
Workshop computer
17. Install and configure the PCLink software on the shops computer;
18. Configure the workshop printer to print with the MS908;
19. Test the functionality of the printer;
20. Create an access document with ID and password;
21. Explain to the customer on how to do an access request for IT and mechanical support on website;
22. A short explication on the functionality of the tool and the website (approximately 30 minutes).
The available function on the Autel MS908 MaxiSys Premium tool for the various manufacturers for the Premium package (see link):
*    Hours of operation:. (Please consider holidays, unless posted on our website);
** (Charges apply) TWO keys will be charged for every 20 minutes remote support, 1 key for each additional 10 minutes of additional support.