NEWS RELEASE - Very Important Notice - COVID-19

Our commitment to our customers, our team and our community,

Our team is closely monitoring the development of COVID-19, and concerns about the virus continue to escalate. Following March 23, 2020, press briefing by the Prime Minister of Quebec in order to comply with government directives. – Nonessential business closure. It is with great regret to inform you that TEAMXTREMETECH - 2655405 ONTARIO Inc., will close as of March 24, 2020, 5 p.m. for an indefinite period. This includes closing all of our online services; IT support, mechanical support and sales.

All customer accounts that are currently active will simply be frozen in time. No accounts will be closed, there will be no monthly TXT key billing and there will be no loss of TXT keys in your account. For customers with an annual reprogramming licence (full package), it will simply be extended the amount of time our operations are stopped.

Note that we will notify you in advance via a newsletter of our reopening and our website will then be available at that time.

For any information or questions, contact our customer service or contact, toll free, 1-877-472-8370.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and hope to serve you again soon. Until then, be well and take care of yourself.

Jamie Lapierre
President and Chief Executive Officer, TEAMXTREMETECH - 2655405 ONTARIO Inc.