Grouped for Performance to Serve the Technicians of Today!

TeamXtremeTech is a young company,  founded septembre 2011.

Michel Julien, has worked for 26 years as mechanic, owning his own shop for 10 years specializing in diagnostics, electronics and automotive updating.

Michel has a passion for everything automotive, electronic, and anything with a motor. In his free time his continues to help mechanics and shops troubleshoot and repair complex problems. Because of this passion he decided in September of 2011 to establish a support system for mechanics, and shops.

TeamXtremeTech aims to find the best tools and equipment for specialized workshops, train today’s technicians with these cutting edge tools, and then connect these workshops across North America so that they can help each other learn, and thus be more effective in a profession that is constantly changing.
Grouped for Performance
to Serve the Technicians of Today.