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Press release

Data security, protection and confidentiality: priorities for Remtech Auto Solutions Inc.

Data security, protection and confidentiality are priorities at Remtech Auto Solutions Inc. We are constantly improving our practices and our security framework, under projects such as Bill C25 aimed at modernizing legislative provisions in this area protecting personal information, or by adopting market best practices in cybersecurity.

Respect, a fundamental value:
At Remtech Auto Solutions Inc., respect is achieved through committing to laws and best practices, both for cybersecurity and data confidentiality. The company has adopted strict governance and procedures to ensure that it meets the requirements imposed by the laws C25 in Quebec, PIPA in Alberta, and PIPEDA for the other Canadian provinces.

Our philosophy can be summed up in a simple statement:
Keep as little data as possible, for as short a time as possible, and limit access to it as much as possible.

If you have questions or you want to make a complaint regarding a situation deemed unacceptable, surrounding the management of your information. We invite you to contact us, Mr. Patrice Côté, operations director or Mr. Marc Fournelle 1– 877-472- 8370.

The personal information collected is necessary for the services provided at Remtech Auto Solutions Inc, membership in our mechanical/computer assistance services, when purchasing equipment and administering billing during the period of validity of your account with us.

What means do we use to control data privacy?
Remtech Auto Solutions Inc. uses a platform/website that is hosted and secured which stores sensitive data, categorize it, classify it and monitor it to ensure healthy and secure use.

We have implemented a policy and procedure for responding to a security incident, whether minor or major.

The data constituting the member's and company file are stored on servers located in Canada.

Employees log into systems using password-protected named accounts.